100% Results

Students deliver immense talents and innovativeness at our EEE department. Students apply their skills at various platforms and perform cutting-edge innovation. Our department aims to sustain high academic excellence in all our endeavours.

100% Results:

The following faculties of our department have procured 100% results on various subjects.

1Ms. N. ShanthiEE6701 - High Voltage Engineering
2Ms. G. EzhilarasiEE6701 - High Voltage Engineering
3Mr. P. RathnavelEE6702 - Protection and Switchgear
4Ms. K. RekhaEE8591 - Digital Signal Processing
1Mrs. E.MaheswariPower Electronics for Renewable Energy Sources
2Mr. M.VeerasundaramElectrical Energy Generation Utilization and Conservation
3Mr. R.DhanasekarPower Electronics for Renewable Energy Sources
Electronics Devices and Circuits
4Mr. L.VIJAYARAJAPower Electronics for Renewable Energy Sources
5Mr. P.RathnavelElectrical Energy Generation Utilization and Conservation
Power Electronics
6Mr. S.SurenderanathProfessional Ethics in Engineering
Microcontroller Based System Design
7Mrs. K .RekhaPower System Operation and Control
8Mrs. R.AnithaSpecial Electrical Machines
9Mrs. T.ThenmozhiControl Systems
10Mrs. S.KomalachitraControl Systems
11Dr. T. MuthamizhanSpecial Electrical Machines
1E.MaheswariPower Electronics
2L.VijayarajaMicrocontroller Based System Design
3R.KiruthigaProfessional Ethics in Engineering
4T.ThenmozhiSolid State Drives
5S. SurenderanathEmbedded Systems
1Mr.A.AnbazhaganPower System Analysis, Transmission and Distribution, Power Electronics For Renewable Energy Systems.
2Ms.A.SasikalaElectrical Energy Generation, Utilization and Conservation, Circuit Theory
3Dr.G.PrakashElectrical Energy Generation, Utilization and Conservation, Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Electrical Machines-II
4Ms.G.EzhilarasiProfessional Ethics in Engineering
5Mr.R.DhanasekarBasic Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electrical Machines-II
6Ms.R.KiruthigaPower System Analysis
7Ms.P.KarthikaDesign of Electrical Machines
8Mr.M.VeerasundaramTransmission and Distribution, Power System Transient, Microprocessor and Microcontroller
9Ms.S.SivarajeswariElectrical Machines-II, Electrical Machines-I, Power System Operation and Control
10Ms.S.KomalachitraElectrical Engineering and Instrumentation
11Mr.P.RathnavelMeasurements and Instrumentation, Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronic Devices and Circuits, Power Plant Engineering
12Mr.L.VijayarajaElectromagnetic Theory, Power Plant Engineering, Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems, Power System Transients
13Ms.K.RekhaPower System Operation and Control, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, Microcontroller Based System Design
14Mr.S.SurendranathMicroprocessors and Microcontrollers
15Ms.T.SrideviElectrical Machines-I, Electromagnetic Theory
16Ms.T.ThenmozhiSolid State Drives, Microcontroller Based System Design
17Ms.N.ShanthiPower System Transients, High Voltage Engineering, Linear Integrated Circuits and Applications
18Ms.R.AnithaEmbedded Systems
19Mr.S.SaravananDesign of Electrical Machines
20Ms.M.RazmahEmbedded Systems
21Ms.E.MaheswariSolid State Drives
22Mr.S.ArunjeesEmbedded Systems, Power System Operation and Control, Environmental Science and Engineering
23Dr. M. Jagadeesh KumarCircuit Theory, Professional Ethics in Engineering
1Mr.M.VeerasundaramPower Quality
2Ms.S.KomalachitraFlexible AC Transmission System
3Mr.L.VijayarajaPower Plant Engineering
4Ms.S.AnithaPower Plant Engineering
5Mr.R.DhanasekarPower Plant Engineering
6Mr.S.SurenderanathProtection and Switchgear
1Mr.A.AnbazhaganFlexible AC Transmission System
2Ms.A.SasikalaElectrical Energy Generation,Utilization and Conservation,Digital Logic Circuits
3Ms.P.PriyaProtection and Switchgear
4Ms.N.ShanthiBiomedical Instrumentation
5Ms.R.KiruthigaBiomedical Instrumentation
6Ms.EzhilarasiElectrical Drives and Control
7Mr.G.PrakashElectrical Drives and Control
8Mr.DhanasekarElectromagnetic Theory
9Mr.VeerasundaramPower Quality
10Ms.KomalachitraProtection and Switchgear
11Ms.KomalachitraProtection and Switchgear
12Ms.S.SivarajeshwariPower System Operation and Control
13Mr.P.RathnavelElectrical Engineering and Instrumentation
14Mr.L.VijayarajaTransmission and Distribution
15Mr.SurendranathLinear Integrated Circuits,Electrical Machines-II
16Ms.T.SrideviPower System Operation and Control,Electronic Devices and Circuits
17Ms.ThenmozhiPower Electronics
18Mr.S.SaravananLinear Integrated Circuits
1Mr.G.Prakash Basic Electrical and Electronics
2Ms.EzhilarasiElectrical Drives and control
3Mr.DhanasekarPower Electronics
4Ms.S.SivarajeshwariElectrical Machines-II
5Mr.P.RathnavelBasic Electrical and Electronics
6Mr.L.Vijayaraja Power Plant Engineering
7Ms.RekhaPower Plant Engineering
1Ms.A.SasikalaElectrical Energy Generation,Utilization and Conservation
2Mr.G.PrakashElectrical Energy Generation,Utilization and Conservation
3Ms.N.ShanthiFlexible AC Transmission System
4Ms.S.SivarajeshwariPower Plant Engineering
5Ms.C.BanusriCircuit Theory
6Mr.L.VijayarajaCircuit Theory, Flexible AC Transmission System
1A. AnbazhaganEe2452-Electricalenergy Generation, Utilization And Conservation
2N. ShanthiEe2036-Facts,Ee2403-Special Electrical  Machines
3M. VeerasundaramEe2032-Hvdc
4P. PriyaEe2354-Microcontroller And Its Applications
5A. SasikalaEe2253-Control Systems
1R. DhanasekarEe2301-Powerelectronics
2M. VeerasundaramElectrical Engineering,Ge2021-Environmental Science And Enginnering
3S. BhavaniEe2251-Electrical Machines-I
4P. PriyaEe2202-Electromagnetic Theory
5M. RazmahEe2203-Electronic Devices And Circuits
6V. SandhyaGe2021-Environmental Science And Engineering, Ee2203-Electronic Devices And Circuits
1 E. Maheswari EE2201-Measurements And Instrumentation