The department is equipped with full-fledged Laboratories and technical staffs to guide the students. There are seven labs in the department

The department labs
Electrical Machines lab
Power Electronics lab
Electronic Devices and Circuits lab
Control systems lab
Measurement and Instrumentation lab
Engineering Practices lab
Circuit Analysis lab
Power System Simulation lab

The Electrical Machines Laboratory has state of the art machineries set up at the cost of 20 lakhs. Through hands-on experiments with real machines, students gain practical experience on transformers and various types of machine drives.The laboratory can also be used for project work related to electrical machines and energy conversion.
Major Equipments in the Electrical Machines Lab

DC Machines Lab
DC Shunt Generator
DC Compound Generator
DC Shunt motor
DC Series Motor
DC Compound Motor
AC Machines Lab
Three Phase Slip ring Induction Motor
Single Phase Induction Motor
Synchronous Motor
Three Phase Auto transformers
Single Phase Auto transformers

The Power Electronics Laboratory is equipped with the state-of-the-art instrumentation for design, simulation and testing of switching/analog circuits. The Power Electronics Laboratory is capable to make the students learn in the field of modeling and control of switching converters, inverters, single-phase and three-phase power factor correction methods, single phase and three-phase active power filters, etc.

Major equipments in the Power Electronics Lab
Half Controlled and Fully controlled Rectifier
Single Phase and Three Phase PWM Inverter
Single Phase Induction Motor
Resonant DC-DC Converter
AC voltage controller

This laboratory provides hands-on experience to analyze the characteristics of electronic devices. Students are encouraged to get experience in designing and testing of electronic circuits.

Major equipments in the Electronic devices and circuits Lab
Decade Resistance Box
Decade Inductance Box
Decade Capacitance Box
Function Generator
Regulated Power supply
Full Wave Rectifier & Half Wave Rectifier
Resonance Measurement kit

Control system Laboratory presents facilities of computing and simulation through MATLAB and demonstration on FEEDBACK designed equipment with PCI cards creating an impressive digital control system development environment.. The Feedback range of control system demonstration equipment has been employed to provide a modern, efficient approach to train the students in this field.

Major Equipments in the control systems lab
DC Servo Motor
AC Servo Motor
Lead– Lag Network
Stepper Motor Controller
P, PID Controller
DC and AC Positional Control System

Students get familiar with basic electrical measuring instruments and understand principles of electrical measurement.

Major Equipments in the M&I lab
Wheatstone Bridge
Kelvin's Double Bridge
Schering Bridge
Maxwell's Inductance Bridge
Pressure Transducers
Displacement Transducers
Measurement of Iron Loss kit
Instrumentation Amplifier
D/A and A/D Converters

Students get familiar with basic wiring and measurement of essential parameters of electrical engineering.

Major Equipments in the M&I lab
Resistive Load
Energy meter
Emergency Lamp

This lab provides knowledge about the various methods of analysis of the DC and AC circuits.

Major Equipments in the Circuit Analysis lab
Pspice Software
Regulated Power Supply
Function Generator
Decade Resistance Box
Decade Inductance Box
Decade Capacitance Box

This lab provides knowledge about the various methods of analysis of Power System.

Major Equipments in the Power System Simulation lab
Mi-Power Software
30 systems with high speed internet facility
HP Laser Jet Printer
Uninterrupted Power Supply